2023 and Still Rocking.

Just a hard working band. The Doonesbury Band started at a difficult time musically. The late 80's was struggling for identity and not till grunge hit the scene was there a cohesive movement.

The band made its way through the after hours clubs and got a local name for quality gigs, Writing solid tunes and having a good 60's rock catalog. 

Fast Forward to 2022 and its a whole new game....but wait. what?

music industry still struggling for identity, grunge coming back...again. Its the same old same old.

Doonesbury and the Band will just fall right back into it with their upcoming tour, "Slow Down"

See them where ever places are open really really late.

Doonesbury Band Press Kit

For immediate release interview 2022.pdf
Press Release 1 _Slow Down_ (1).pdf
Doonesbury Band Press Release for Joe's Bench.pdf